I'm currently a PhD student at University of Southampton studying cavitation collapse in complex geometries. I graduated from University of Southampton in 2019 with an MEng in Aeronautics and Astronautics with a focus on Computational Engineering and Design. Below are my current and past research projects. You can also find me on various platforms using the links below, or email me at [email protected]
Photograph of Elijah Andrews.

Bubble Collapse Near Porous Plates

The collapse of a gas or vapour bubble near a solid boundary produces a jet directed towards the boundary. A porous boundary, such as a filter, would act similarly to a solid boundary but with reduced effect. We experimentally investigate how a porous plate affects bubble collapse.
Gallery of Fluid Motion 2022
Video submission to Gallery of Fluid Motion at APS DFD 2022.
20th Nov 2022
Submitted Paper
A paper submitted to Journal of Fluid Mechanics. The preprint can be found through the link or viewed here.
[PDF] [Link]
7th Oct 2022
UK Fluids Conference 2022
Slides presented at the UK Fluids conference 2022.
6th Sep 2022
Aero/Astro Research Day 2022
Poster displayed at the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics Research Day 2022.
7th Apr 2022
APS DFD 2021 Presentation
Slides presented at APS DFD annual conference 2021.
[PPT] [Link]
22nd Nov 2021
UK Fluids Conference 2021
Poster presented at the UK Fluids Conference 2020.
9th Sep 2021

Modelling Bubble Collapse Anisotropy

A gas or vapour bubble collapsing in the vicinity of a rigid boundary displaces towards the boundary. The displacement has been shown to be a function of the 'anisotropy' of the collapse, measured by a dimensionless representation of the Kelvin impulse known as the anisotropy parameter. We develop an inexpensive Boundary Element Method model capable of predicting the anisotropy parameter for any rigid complex geometry.
Submitted Paper
A paper submitted to Physical Review Fluids. The preprint can be found through the link or viewed here.
[PDF] [Link]
20th Jul 2022

Cavity Collapse Near Slot Geometries

Vapour bubbles in water collapse towards a nearby solid boundary producing a jet that can clean, or damage, the boundary. It is useful to understand how different boundary geometries will affect the direction in which the jet is produced. We numerically and experimentally investigate how a slot in a flat boundary affects the jet direction of a single bubble.
Aero/Astro Postgrad Conference 2020
Poster presented at the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics Postgraduate Conference 2020.
13th Oct 2020
Journal of Fluid Mechanics Paper
A paper published in JFM. The revised version can be found through the link and the accepted manuscript PDF can be viewed here.
[PDF] [Link]
2nd Sep 2020
APS DFD 2019 Presentation
Slides presented at APS DFD annual conference 2019.
[PPT] [Link]
26th Nov 2019

GPU Enabled Particle Simulation

My undergraduate individual project centered around implementing the Discrete Element Method for a GPU using OpenCL. The program was used to simulate and analyse agglomeration behaviour in a series of Taylor-Green vortices.
DEMOranges code
The GitHub repository for the project code.
27th Dec 2019
Individual Project Poster
A PDF version (no animations) of my individual project poster.
8th Jun 2018
Individual Project Report
The full project report for my individual project.
4th May 2018